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The Make A Difference Trust

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The creative relationship with The Make A Difference Trust started after attending one of their charity events in London. Whilst being blown away by the quality of the performance we were left feeling flat about the printed programme and confused about what they did.

We immediately got in touch with the team and offered to help them creatively to help raise the level of their communications and spread their story to a wider audience. As a charity they work with the West End Theatre industry to create themed events to generate funds that they distribute to improve the lives of those living with HIV in the UK and in Africa.
You have enabled the charity to achieve a cohesive and consistent brand identity which in turn has created a tremendous growth in brand awareness and taken our charity to the next level.
Steve Inman
The Make A Difference Trust
Charity Director

A long term partnership was forged as we worked with them to communicate both their achievements as a charity and to help promote the full and extensive events calendar.

This included a full website rebuild, photography art direction, social media content, event merchandise and printed materials.

We also volunteered at a number of the events witnessing first hand the talent and creative back stage activity it takes to deliver a performance worthy of setting foot on a West End stage.