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We can help define and design
your brand story.

Who will it relate to?
How will they remember it?
Where will it be retold?

We are a design and brand consultancy.

Creating, building and shaping businesses into brands that have a story to be told.

Meet our Creative Director

Rednine was founded by Robin Worrall.

His visual direction and creativity has helped launch startup businesses, repositioned established International brands and successfully coordinated global events.

Regardless of size, scale or location, the initial approach is always the same. Identify the why, define the story and create a bespoke toolkit of branded assets.

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What do you do?

It’s probably easier to say what we don’t do.

We don’t follow trends.
We are not fashion victims.
We are not design prima donnas.
We don’t say it’s our way or no way.
We don’t crave awards.

We create brands that relate.
We build brands to remember.
We shape brands to be retold.

Who have you worked with?

From kitchen table start-ups to the Royal Household.

We are equally proud of all our creative relationships regardless of bank balance, international stature or celebrity status. If we can make a difference and build a brand into something better than when we first met, then our work is complete.

We seek to find like minded individuals craving a creative collaboration, where imagination, inspiration, skills and planning come together to make something far stronger than the sum of its parts. We believe in order to build a brand, you have to experience it at first hand. This is our starting point – getting to know you.

Only when we fully understand your story, can we define the communication tools you will require, and create them for you; website, events, app, print, stationery, interior design, signage, social media, team uniform, promotional gifts, film, animation, presentations… we call this your brand toolkit.

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How do you start?

First and foremost, we listen

We hear your words, your passion, your drive and your why? Why you have a need to let the world know about this burning desire you want to retell.

That’s when our gut instinct, creative drive and imagination kicks into play. We start by identifying your why and what you stand for. We look at how to set you apart and help to ensure you stand out. This will define your brand toolkit which we will utilise to deliver your brand authentically.

Where are your awards?

Quite simply. We dont have any.

We don’t seek accreditation from the Big Boys, to stand in suits on podiums clutching trophies with endless thank you lists. Instead we focus on our reputation and embrace our failings to ensure we build on them, never repeat them and grow stronger through the process.

There is a beautiful Japanese practice known as Kintsugi, where broken pottery is repaired with gold, to celebrate its history and imperfections. Not a bad perspective on life.

Where do you find inspiration?

Let’s just say we never truly switch off.

We are equally happy in a cafe, in a city, in an artshop, in an airport, in a gallery, in a kitchen, in a theatre, in a cinema, with a camera… the list is endless. But when the perfect marriage of type, colour, message and application come together as one then all our worlds collide.

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Rednine combines disruptive big-picture creativity with a meticulous eye for detail, and an ability to efficiently manage complex projects. The outcome never fails to impress. In short: a joy and a privilege to work with.
Stuart Sheppard
Octopus Wealth
Head of Brand & Marketing

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