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InsideAsia Tours goes deeper to deliver unforgettably joyful travel experiences and moments of wonder. With over two decades of specialist experience, InsideAsia doesn’t see themselves as just a guidebook – they are the fully knowledgeable little black book for globetrotters who want to do much more than simply pass through. Cutting through the noise with honest and informed advice, InsideAsia connects people, places and possibilities, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Recognising their brand needed to evolve to meet the expectations of ever-changing times, InsideAsia embarked on an intensive brand exploration “sprint” with leading Brand Strategic Agency The Team and ourselves to evolve the brand’s heart, personality and narrative to drive forward its growth journey.

Rednine was invited to join this vital strategic process to help define, design and deliver a refreshed brand identity that was grounded in the learnings from the brand discovery process. Our role was clear: to listen, to observe, to digest and to evolve a creative brand architecture that could build into a living, breathing, future-proofed brand that would excite and delight audiences.

Recognising that “Sparking joy” is central to InsideAsia’s mission; it soon became clear to us that this brand needed to deliver on several emotional levels – vivacious, fiery, and passionate balanced with reassurance, confidence and authenticity. With travel and exploration being such a keen personal passion, our imagination was truly sparked from the outset. Although, with endless inspiration the hardest challenge was to distill and define the purest selection of colour, pattern, texture, typography and layout to evoke the diversity of Asia from its high-voltage bustling culture to its calming and tranquil landscapes.

The aim was to capture an engaging mix of elements that would create excitement and energy while maintaining a sense of sophistication. InsideAsia needed a fully immersive brand expression, capable of varied volume levels and degrees of visual brand saturation. The brand identity must also portray the craftsmanship prevalent within the region, evoking both individuality and personality while simultaneously feeling inclusive and down to earth.

A variety of textured tapestries were crafted to marry with a diverse colour palette born from cultural and landscape cues, creating both a sense of continuity and distinct points of difference throughout all print and digital marketing communications.

Personal touches and reflective experiences from InsideAsia’s travel consultants were also key inclusions to ensure an authentic voice was maintained throughout.

When the travel sector was impacted by global lockdowns, as a result of the pandemic in 2020, the opportunity was taken to reset, fine tune and test the design deliverables to ensure all communications were poised and ready for the market to reopen.

As soon as international travel restarted in early 2022, our creative work for InsideAsia came to fruition with even greater passion and focus. The company became more committed than ever before to sharing its love of the Asian culture with an experience-starved audience of intrepid travellers.
Our role was clear: to listen, to observe, to digest and to evolve a creative brand design architecture that could build into a living, breathing, future-proofed brand that would excite and delight audiences.
Robin Worrall
Creative Director

With InsideAsia’s vibrant new brand realised, Rednine has defined, designed and delivered across a variety of brand assets and digital communications. Our goal, with each and every element, has been to ensure that potential travellers are taken on an aspirational journey of discovery with the reassurance of an experienced team of global experts.

Our ongoing creative support with InsideAsia, and their sister company InsideJapan, has helped reposition the company for the needs of tomorrow’s tourist, today. Their bold and distinctive brand now lives on vibrantly across their website and digital channels, forging deep connections in an inviting, playful and authentic fashion.