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The ultimate journey

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InsideJapan Tours, the market-leading specialist travel company, offers rich cultural experiences that few get the chance to discover. Exploring both the popular and little-known aspects of Japanese culture, the company’s passion for the “undeniably addictive” and unique country has now been shared with over 80,000 people from across the world and counting.

Pre-pandemic, the Inside Travel Group had embarked on an intensive brand repositioning with Rednine and Brand Strategic Agency, The Team to deliver for their sister brand InsideAsia.

Following its successful launch, the Group looked to reawaken its communications in a different way, directly engaging a travel-starved audience by building feelings of aspiration and excitement for all things Japanese. ‘The Ultimate Journey’ would be a fresh digital campaign that would tell the story of how InsideJapan’s team of passionate advocates fell in love with the country – through food, culture, art, fashion, landscape and those most important chance encounters.

Every journey should leave a life-long impression. Rednine worked in close partnership with InsideJapan to create a series of striking, aspirational documents to capture attention, convey Japan’s diverse allure and spark action.

‘The Ultimate Journey’ would serve as a gift to travellers: a carefully-curated and beautifully-executed tale of InsideJapan’s collective love affair with Japan, designed to excite and inspire.

Rednine’s creative brief was to serve up a flavour of Japan in an evocative digital format.

Great care was taken to develop a visual look and feel richly grounded in Japanese cultural references. The aim, inspired by Japanese texts, silks and textures, was to deliver a multi-layered, interwoven experiential journey that could effectively reach a focused audience via digital channels.

Image selection was paramount to the success of ‘The Ultimate Journey’ for InsideJapan.

Visual references and bespoke maps were chosen and created by Rednine with the purpose of ensuring an ethereal, aspirational feel – vividly bringing to life the inspiring real experience and written recollections of InsideJapan’s travel consultants.

Japan changed our lives, and it could change yours too. Your Ultimate Journey will be different to ours, but we can’t wait to help you discover it.
Simon KIng
InsideJapan Tours

Much more than a travel brochure and series of digital assets, Rednine’s creative approach to this project genuinely took readers on ‘the ultimate journey’ of discovery.

Drenched in rich landscapes and cultural cues and grounded in a distinct colour palette, the digital campaign has now effectively reached audiences through e-marketing, social media, targeted advertising and the company’s website. ‘The Ultimate Journey’ has achieved its goal: successfully conveying the scale, beauty, energy and traditions that make Japan what it is today.