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Number 9

As well as our obsession with the letter R, we have also forged a deep connection with the number 9.

Call it a lucky charm, if you will, but throughout life’s twisted journey this digit has popped up at some of the extreme pivotal moments. It could appear as the 9th day of the month, or a check-in desk, or a platform number, or a flight number… but there it is reassuringly.

We are often asked what the story is behind our name – so this pretty much sums up our connection to ‘Nine’ and why it is honoured in our brand.

Then we discovered this – which is a pretty good platform to build a story on…

“The Number 9 is representative of Universal love, service to humanity, leading by positive example, philanthropy, selflessness, destiny, life purpose, generosity, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character.”

So we will leave this there as a reminder…

The most significant moment the number 9 made its appearance reassuringly was checking in at desk number 9, then security gate number 9 and finally boarding flight number BA 009.
Robin Worrall
Creative Director