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A bunch of Rs

Quite simply we are obsessed with the letter R.

Wherever we are in the world – we see a creative R in type form and it’s instantly captured digitally. Maybe it’s because it’s the initial letter of Rednine and our Creative Director, Robin Worrall or just that in our opinion it’s a pretty beautiful letter that deserves to be celebrated.

We have now built up an eclectic archive of images representing the diversity of texture, colour, material and structure. We have found that travel is an incredibly rich environment to seek out the ultimate R. Not to mention jumble shops and eBay to forage for vintage shop signs and lettering.

It has certainly cultivated a deep love and respect for typography as it colours and informs our world – which in turn seeps into our design solutions.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked… Are you sure you don‘t have enough Rs?
Robin Worrall
Creative Director