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Imagine is a new concept event created by Faversham House. Through their current annual exhibition Sign & Digital, they realised the need to provide the creative industry with a more immersive and imaginative event.

Sign & Digital offers a practical showcase of machinery and production capabilities whereas Imagine will provide visually stimulating environments that demonstrate how these production techniques can be visualised.

From the outset it was clear that the brand positioning for Imagine needed to be one that would relate to its creative audience and could stimulate their imagination. Visually this needed to be distinct so that it could act as a solid platform for the diversity of the individual display partners.

The brandmark and supporting colour palette was kept to a minimum of black and white which was coordinated with a suite of expressive imagery to provide diversity.

The “I’M” was identified within the brandmark to build in an emotional and personal connection to the brand. This was witnessed in a variety of materials to express: I’m Discovering, I’m Creating, I’m Exploring. This will be used to identify individual zones within the event as well as marketing materials and promotional giveaways including tote bags and t-shirts.

This abbreviated version of the brandmark can be witnessed on their social media campaign where the “I’M” avatar acts as a visual connector to the main brand identity.