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What’s not to love about an airport?

Passport in hand, anticipation about what adventures lay ahead, new cultures, new tastes, new smells, new experiences… and all it takes is one step forward.

It’s true that I live by my British Airways app where not one day has passed in the last 4 years with at least one flight showing on the home screen. Something I never take for granted but fully embrace every time the opportunity to travel presents itself.

The list includes:
San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Tokyo, Sydney, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, Santiago, New Orleans, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Chiang Mai

Everywhere different, everywhere a tale, everywhere individual – but collectively a rich melting pot of inspiration. From cafe culture to street art, historical architecture to vast landscapes, native cuisine to local hospitality, all new experiences to fill up the memory pot.

I’m never happier than sat in a cafe in a city with a camera
Robin Worrall
Creative Director